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International Researchers Visiting the Playful Learning Center, Nov ’15 – Feb ’16

International Researchers Visiting the Playful Learning Center, Nov ’15 – Feb ’16

Dr. Anne Kultti is visiting the Playful Learning Center during September 2015-January 2016. She works as a senior lecturer at the University of Gothenburg. Her research focus is on children’s communication and participation in preschool activities and preschool as a learning environment for multilingual children. In her research a sociocultural perspective on learning and development is used as theoretical framework. She currently works in research projects on educator-parent collaboration n multi-linguistic and –cultural preschool context, and on early childhood education as tool for children’s wellbeing and learning. More information:

Dr. Daniela S. Jadue Roa, PhD in Education from the University of Cambridge is visiting the Playful Learning Center during November 2015 – February 2016

She works as a post-doctoral Researcher in Early Childhood Education, Centre for Advanced Research in Education, University of Chile.

Daniela’s professional background as an early childhood educator has inspired and guided her postgraduate studies and networking activities.  Her field of interest is the development of learning agency in young children, focusing on their voice and its contributions to research, policy and practice. She is currently working within the field of children’s rights in initial teacher education for the early year’s levels, as well as on developing further projects that elaborate on the methodologies for researching agency in learning and education.

Daniela’s  PhD research was a multiple-case study of 16 Chilean young children experiencing the transition from Kindergarten to First grade in a Municipal school. The focus was on their development of a sense of learning agency during this period, as reported by them through the employment of visual methodologies. This research acknowledged children as holders of rights and as valid informants of their own experiences, recognising them as agents in the joint construction of meanings. Findings demonstrate that educational partnerships are necessary for the promotion of their learning potential as well as for teacher’s development of a sense of agency during their pedagogical practices. Daniela’s other research interests are: life transitions, metacognition & self-regulation, educational policy, children’s rights, participatory and collaborative research, visual methods, children’s narratives, teacher’s agency, learning communities, educational partnerships, and socio-cultural learning theories. More information: and

Professor Niklas Pramling is visiting the Playful Learning Center during January – February 2016. Professor Pramling works at the The Linnaeus Centre for Research on Learning, Interaction and Mediated Communication in Contemporary Society (LinCS), a Swedish national centre of excellence located at the University of Gothenburg. 

Niklas has a background in studies in psychology and literature history. He defended his PhD thesis in educational science, Minding Metaphors: Using Figurative Language in Learning to Represent (Supervised by Professor Roger Säljö), in 2006. In 2006-2008 he worked in a trans-disciplinary research project on children’s learning in the arts (music, dance, and poetry), followed by a four-year position (2008-2011) with the Swedish Research Council as a research assistant studying teacher-child communication about natural phenomena (basic science), particularly looking at the use of metaphorical speech in this context. This was followed by work in a trans-national EU-funded project (FP7-ICT) entitled, “Musical Improvisation Relying on Reflection (MIROR)”, on technology-transformed music learning, in collaboration between Sony Computer Science Laboratory, Paris, and the Universities of Bologna, Athens, Exeter, Gothenburg and Genoa. The last years he has done research on children and adolescents’ music learning, and the use of digital technologies in early childhood education (in relation to story-making and music-making). His main interest concern teacher-child communication and learning in the arts. He currently leads a national research school for preschool teachers and primary school teachers (FoRFa, 2014-2018). More information: