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Gerhard Molin, PhD Researcher

Gerhard is a researcher, game designer and gamer. His background is in business & economics, game design, alternate reality games and video games. Video games have fascinated him since the moment he played Tetris on an old Game Boy and rescued princess Peach from Bowser. The way games entertain, teach and engage people have inspired him ever since.

Completing his undergraduate degree at the Vienna University of Business & Economics (2009), he has specialised in social aspects in games – his focus area was “Computer Games as part of an Entertainment Industry”. With a background in business and economics, he has developed a focus on games and its social aspects. His background in business and economics has provided him with a strong sense in project-management and producing – He received the best students award in 2011/2012 for the social media campaign for Abeking & Rasmussen. It was in this final part of his undergraduate studies that he discovered that his passion for the aforementioned topic is a lifelong one. Thus he decided to pursue a Master degree in Game Design at Brunel University in London.

During his Master degree he discovered the fascinating world of Alternate Reality Games (ARGs for short). It was during his first semester when he developed his first ARG – Liebkind2044. Liebkind2044 was a first attempt to merge design elements from mainstream video games and Alternate Reality Games. It turned out to be rather successful in terms of player engagement and innovation. Liebkind2044 was the basis for his Masters thesis – a case study in collective intelligence and part 2 of Liebkind2044: Project Awakening, with which he tried to design a game-based collective intelligence system in order to find meaningful solutions to problems such as climate change and inequality, which we face in today’s society.

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Key Research Interests

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    Game Design in Educational Context

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    Teacher's Role in GBL

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    Knowledge (Co-)Creation

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    Collaborative Learning