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In-service education

We offer education and training for early years and primary school teachers, education professionals working in different cultural institutions and companies. Our programs are based on latest research on playful learning. Got interested – contact us!

What is playful learning?

Why does life long play matter?

Pre-service education

Teacher education in the Faculty of Educational Sciences is based on latest research evidence and best practices in the field. PLC plays an important role in the pedagogical courses teacher students have during their first and second year of studies when they become familiar and learn to design, implement and evaluate the learning activities for children.

Every autumn a course of Pedagogy for Early Childhood Education takes place in the PLC lab. In the course students – the future teachers – practice to combine pedagogical methods with the learning goals and targets for one to six years old children who visit the facilities and participate in the learning activities guided by the teacher students. Meanwhile other students observe the learning practices, pedagogical sensitivity, scaffolding interaction and teaching of their colleagues and learn to use their observations and pedagogical documentation for basis of reflective feedback and professional development. The practical activities in the pedagogical courses are focusing on play, multiliteracy, science education, mathematics, work education, and arts education above all. During spring teacher students learn to operate and work in the facility and have opportunities to explore and learn about pedagogies of coding, multiliteracy and play based learning with guidance of experts of the teacher training education and research.

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