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Visiting Researcher – Skúlína Hlíf Kjartansdóttir

Visiting Researcher – Skúlína Hlíf Kjartansdóttir

Skúlína Hlíf Kjartansdóttir (PhD Researcher)

We are very pleased to have Skúlína Hlíf Kjartansdóttir (PhD Researcher) here at the Playful Learning Center until May 2016.

Skúlína currently works as an assistant lecturer and PhD researcher at the University of Iceland / School of Education.
Skúlína has a B.Ed in educational sciences and a diploma in applied arts from Iceland University of Education. She also has a BA in 3D Design from Camberwell College of Art and an MA in site specific sculpture from Wimble School of Art.
She worked as games designer on Sony games for five years in Liverpool, UK, and later as a quality manager on the MMOG EVE Online at CCP games in 2001-2003. Her work experience furthermore includes culture management, testing and quality assurance management, content direction and web editing.

Skúlína has served as a teacher at most school levels, where she has taught art & crafts, design and digital media. She served as chair of The Occupational Council of Design & Crafts in Iceland for eight years on policy making and contract management for research, course evaluation and curriculum development. She has also served as a principal of the upper secondary college in west Iceland. She conducted the Icelandic OECD research on vocational education: Sklls beyond School in 2012.

Skúlína’s PhD research is in the field of connected learning with mobile technologies (tablets and smartphones). She is researching implementation of mobile technologies at different grades in the pre-school, primary and lower secondary school levels in Iceland. The research has focused on the impact of mobile learning technologies on school culture and learning. It focuses on personalisation in learning, agency and collaboration. Two evaluations reports have been published from this research, a conference paper and Sense book chapter.

The research agenda is shifting from general studies of the impact of mobile technologies on learning and school culture, to how digital, multimodal literacies are developing in these schools. Skúlína’s current research case is a pilot project using the art work “Biophilia” (created by Björk Guðmundsdóttir) in STEAM learning with 5 to 11 year old children. This pilot is a part of a Nordic Council of minister’s agenda being implemented in all the Nordic countries in 2015/2016. it brings into focus interdisciplinary learning, multimodal literacies and creative application of new media skills.

Key research interests:

  • Mobile learning
  • Learning across contexts
  • Students’ identity and agency
  • Multimodal literacy
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Maker culture

Please refer to pages on and Google Scholar for information on publications and projects.
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