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The research of the Playful Learning Center is anchored in the design of educational materials where play, creativity and education meaningfully intersect. The materials are based on latest research findings and knowledge.

Into Teaching

This is a free online material archive for teachers and educators who wish to expand children’s creativity at the field of digital culture.

Look for Sounds

“Look for Sounds” is a pedagogical idea for integrating arts and digital literacy. “Look for Sounds” encourages your students to be creative participants in digital culture.

Whisper of the Spirit

Nature has always been especially important to people living in Finland as the four seasons make the environment very rich and varied here. It is not surprising that it has kindled people’s imagination and been the source of many beliefs. For example, shooting stars were believed to be cracks in the sky through which gods could take a peek at the Earth. Forests and their spirits were also an essential part of the northern culture of Finland and way of life as they were an important source of food.
The Whisper of the spirit activity cards are our contribution to the celebrations marking Finland’s 100 years of independence.

The aim of the activity cards is for children to take an interest in Finnish stories, nature and ancient beliefs from a variety of perspectives. The tasks encourage children to imagine, observe, collaborate, reflect, innovate and experiment in multimodal ways.

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